Every Thursday at 11am. All welcome.

Monday evening WLGBC Duplicate. Play starts at 7.30pm sharp. Bridgemate scoring, scrolling results, hand records after play.





View Autumn 2019 results here.


2021 Autum season begins soon.

Division 1 begins on Wednesday 8th September, and Division 2 on Tuesday 7th September.

The draws will be made shortly.

Note that table money has increased to £15.00 per player (£60 per team).

For results via Bridgewebs look here.

Women's League

This is an evolving league.

Start time is always 11.30, finishing around 3.30pm with a leisurely break for lunch mid-game. Please contact Marilyn or Artur if you would like to come along as a pair or a team or by yourself.

We hope you will all come and bring your friends to play.