We have moved!


We've unpacked the boxes (some) in our very own Yurt on Lord's Roundabout and it's time to put our feet up and play bridge again. Ok it's also known as the fabulous Danubius Hotel. Come and join us on our bridge retreat for the next few months.

Come Yurt with us any day of the week for Chicago Bridge, and for Duplicate Bridge on Tuesday mornings and Friday nights. It's business as usual - somewhere different.

Our daily Chicago sessions and our regular duplicates and supervised practice will continue at the usual times (see left).

Come on into the hotel's reception and ask at reception for TGRs. We've made signs too. By the way - don't ask for the Yurt - they might look at you funny - as if anyone would look funnily at us bridge players!


Coming Soon


Division 1 - you know who you are - our best of the best. Welcome back on Wednesday September 10th (and thereafter fortnightly)

Division 2 - the best of the rest. A wonderfully active league, we are inviting new teams to take part. Register now to play fortnightly starting Tuesday 9th September. If you have never played, or wish to return - this Division is your route to the top! Come on and play.


2014 Highlights

Last days at the New Cavendish

So it came time to leave for green pastures in late July. We are en route to a new home following the closure of our former venue at the New Cavendish Club

Scotland April 2014

We went, we walked, we bridged in mighty Scotland. Click here to see the photos.

Auction Pairs 2014

The stars came out to play at the 5th Auction Pairs - 11-12 January 2014. Congratulations to David Gold and Kevin Castner. For results click here.For the auction catalogue click here.