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5th TGRs Auction Pairs WINNERS

Kevin and David

Congratulations to Kevin Castner and David Gold (above) who performed outstandingly to take this year's Main Prize at the TGRs Auction Pairs tournament held this past weekend. Hot on their heels were the Swedish Argentinian pair Frederic Wrang and Juan Carlos Ventin, who at the end of 84 boards finished second by just 0.09%. Andrew Robson and ZIa Mahmood  took third place 0.81% behind the leaders.

The stars came out to play at the 5th Auction Pairs - 11-12 January 2014. For results click here.

For the auction catalogue click here.


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Friday Duplicate

2013 Highlights

Holidays & Teaching




What a trip filled with sunshine and smiles! Enjoy the photos here

Auction Pairs 2013

Congratulations to Michel and Thomas Bessis from France, winners of the fourth TGRs Auction Pairs.
For first session scores click here.
For second session scores click here.
For third session scores click here.
For final scores click here.
See the list of entries here and the auction catalogue here and the auction prices here.

2012 Awesomeness

We breed 'em tough

Congratulations to our intrepid members Frances, Peter and Myra