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Champagne all round

Congratulations to all the prize winners in our Auction Pairs. But especially to the winners, Paula Leslie (right) and Solvi Remen pictured below.

Results can be found here.


Vytas wins Reisinger

TGRs member Vytas Vainikonis won the Reisinger tournament at the US Fall Nationals in Denver, Colorado.


Boguslaw Gierulski, Vytautas Vainikonis, Woitek Olanski, Ron Pachman, Jerzy Skrzypczak and Piotr Zatorski, winners of the 2015 Reisinger.

Super League

Next matches.

Division 2: Tuesday 9th February 2016

Division 1: Wednesday 10th February 2016

See the Super League page for full details.