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Congratulations to TGRs Superleague Super Champions team De Botton , who have snapped up Division 1 in comfortable style. Congratulations also to Paula Leslie's team, who won Division 2 in convincing style, and to John Vos's team who overhauled newcomers Saxons in the final match to gain the second promotion spot. The League will resume in September, exact dates to be announced later.

For those looking for more teams bridge over the summer, our Summer Teams continues this coming Wednesday (June 4th) and will continue throughout the summer. This will be our fourth year of bringing you this fun, social evening. That said players who enjoy a regular game will compete for the ladder prize. Or if you are only about for occasional games, there are session prizes to compete for on scratch or handicap.


Friday nights

Friday Duplicate

Summer Teams begins

Every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm

Summer Teams

2014 Highlights

Scotland April 2014

We went, we walked, we bridged in mighty Scotland. Click here to see the photos.


TGRs was delighted to welcome students from the RAC to a friendly match against our own learners. The scores were level after the first set of boards, but the TGRs team drew away in the final stages, thanks in part to Mino's first ever grand slam. Results can be found here.

Auction Pairs 2014

The stars came out to play at the 5th Auction Pairs - 11-12 January 2014. Congratulations to David Gold and Kevin Castner. For results click here.For the auction catalogue click here.

Auction Pairs 2013

Congratulations to Michel and Thomas Bessis from France, winners of the fourth TGRs Auction Pairs.

For final scores click here.
See the list of entries here and the auction catalogue here and the auction prices here.