We play Chicago-style rubber bridge at TGRs, with straightforward bidding and play conventions. Table money varies with the stake, but you can enjoy an afternoon's bridge for as little as £10.

Players cut for partners at the start of each four-deal Chicago, and the highest card deals the first hand. The vulnerability is: love all on the first hand, dealer's side non-vulnerable on the second and third hands, and game all on the fourth hand. (Note that this may be different from other places where you have played Chicago).

Game and slam bonuses are added to the score of each hand according to vulnerability. Part scores carry over as at rubber bridge, and there is a bonus of 100 points for a part score on the last deal of a Chicago.

In games over £5 per 100, overtricks do not count towards the score on any deal unless the contract is doubled. Players are encouraged to claim as soon as they can see enough tricks to make the contract.