?? TGRs

At TGRs we are known for rubber bridge, Super Leagues and good food.

Now there is also little elite league which plays once a month for all women players of all abilities. We play a minimum of 26 boards starting at 11.30, stopping for a sit down lunch and finishing around 4.00 pm.

Our first match day of the season saw four teams, with the players of varying levels, some playing with their own team-mates and others we helped make into teams. There is a handicapping of the stronger teams against the weaker ones so everyone has to fight for a victory, and fight they did with Jenny, Lori, Shelley and Sylvia coming through for the win. 

All gals from across London are welcome - just get in touch with  me.



Team VP Rank
Lori Robertson, Jennie Cain, Frances Loughridge, Isabel Barreto 45.97 1
Kiri Kalp, Marilyn Nathan, Antoinette Elte, Anna-louisa Schaffgot 34.90 2
Shelley Shieff, Sylvia Fisher, Greta King, Lillian Chew 24.66 3
Denise Winton, Georgina Walker, Barbara Wolczynska, Angie Wright 14.47 4